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If your Emergency Department has a focus on quality and efficiency, SI-STEMS is purposed especially for you!  On a daily basis, I enjoy working with a first-class Emergency Department management and provider group that positively impacts both our workflow and patient care processes with emphasis on best practices in health care delivery.  SI-STEMS provided us a comprehensive ED department analysis and subsequently implemented valuable throughput solutions thereby improving our overall performance and increasing our standard of care throughout the department.  Initiatives such as these have redefined the culture of the Emergency Department and have led to positive outcomes for our patients, visitors, and the community we serve.  We are honored to be partnered with such a knowledgeable, professional organization…SI-STEMS…simply the BEST!
Bonita Ordogne, RN, MSN, MBA
Chief Nursing Officer – DFW Area

In my clinical leadership experiences, I have found SI-STEMS to be impressive not once, not twice, but for me on a continuum. When you want a clinical quality focused emergency management partner instead of just contracted services, this is the answer – not to mention satisfaction! Satisfaction throughout the partnership that transitions ultimately to the patient experience is what is most impressive with SI-STEMS.

Vickie Newsome, RN, MHA, CPHQ, CLNC
Chief Administrative & Chief Nursing Officer, Houston area

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    If you enjoy working with a first class organization that focuses on quality and best practices, we could be what you’re looking for!

    Physicians, PAs & NPs

    SI-STEMS is a physician-owned, physician-managed organization that will always ensure the appropriate roles for providers within the emergency department team.

    Hospitals, Free Standing ERs and Urgent Care Facilities

    Are you receiving these value-added services from your current emergency medicine group? SI-STEMS’ partners are!
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