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SI-STEMS is there with you!

Instead of performing at a distance, SI-STEMS is there with you – at your hospital, in your community, with your staff. And we’ll do all this for less than you’re currently paying for your contract management group that’s only offering staffing services – guaranteed!smallLogo

We Provide Solutions

SI-STEMS is an emergency medicine and hospitalist contract management staffing, consulting and implementation company. We to provide and implement solutions to your department and provider management issues. SI-STEMS addresses your clinical and quality management concerns and optimizes administrative and financial operations. We will help you implement your desired growth strategies and overcome your patient satisfaction challenges.smallLogo

We Specialize in Outcomes

For those of you that want a partner, not just a vendor: We Specialize in Outcomes. Emergency medicine and hospitalist management groups are notorious for not providing value beyond staffing. SI-STEMS works with your hospital to analyze the operations of your emergency and hospitalist departments and to implement best practices and facilitate performance at or above the standard of care.

Complementary Evaluation

Allow us to offer you a complementary evaluation and experience the difference of having a partner facilitating the best performance your emergency department can offer.


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    If you enjoy working with a first class organization that focuses on quality and best practices, we could be what you’re looking for!

    Physicians, PAs & NPs

    SI-STEMS is a physician-owned, physician-managed organization that will always ensure the appropriate roles for providers within the emergency department team.

    Hospitals, Free Standing ERs and Urgent Care Facilities

    Are you receiving these value-added services from your current emergency medicine group? SI-STEMS’ partners are!
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